Giving Something Back - written by Mark Suter

The AOMC is a pretty terrific organization. It gives us so much to further our interests in old outboard motors...things like a great magazine in the Antique Outboarder, great local newsletters, networks for motors and parts in the national newsletter and the internet "Webvertize Ads", great chapter meets year-round (venues for both socializing and sharing with people of similar interests), etc. Some of us have donated much effort to make this club a success, but continued commitment to that end is required to keep the AOMC moving forward at both the national and local levels. Since we all benefit so much from the club, we should strive to do our share by giving something back. The more of us that do, the more we avoid putting the burden on the shoulders of a few.

There are many ways in which a member can contribute something to the club, and not all of them involve a major time commitment. Some might not be obvious so I thought I would list a few in the hope that members might be newly inspired to "step up to the plate" after being enlightened. Some of the ways YOU can help your club are:
  • Regularly attend meets and actively participate in the meet events
  • Give a technical or historical presentation (written or oral)
  • Take on some responsibility
  • Help a new member
  • Communicate your ideas for chapter improvement to the chapter officers
  • Champion an idea for improving the quality of our club
  • Become a chapter officer
As you can see, there is a broad range of things we can do to support our club. It really is a terrific organization and, as such, it really deserves the active participation of each and every member!