Duane Seaver Amohicana boat

This picture was taken in the 1940's.

This picture indicates it was taken in the 1960's.

The pronunciation of this boat's name is Native American in origin: "Am-Oh-He'-cana." The "a's" in "cana" are short in pronunciation. In early October Duane and Dennis Trevathane and one other Wolverine member took a ride on the boat over on Spring Lake. It is powered by a flat-head four cylinder Grey Marine inboard. The whole boat is lavishly adorned with all brass fixtures, it even has the original clam-shell fold-out sink with a brass hand pump for water.

Duane found this boat, laying on the rocky shoreline of, we believe, Isle Royal. It had the hull broken through and the boat was abandoned. He was able to buy the boat from the owner and then with a lot of time and effort did a fantastic full restoration!

The boat has to be placed in the water, or filled with water from a hose, each year to allow the hull planking to swell in order to seal the hull for navigation. When it is dry you can see through the cracks between the boards!