Wildgen Collection

These are pictures from Jim Wildgen's collection. Jim started collecting Mercury outboards in 2009. Jim has primarily focused his energies on the "slopers" - auto transmission models that were manufactured by Mercury Marine from the years 1957-1962. Toward that end, Jim has a bunch of Mark 10's, Mark 28's, and early white 60's Mercs's not pictured. Jim's acquisition of a white 1959 Mercury Mark 10A was the final motor in Jim's quest to own at least one representative of every "autotranny" model produced.

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'57 Mercury Mark 75 (60HP)

'58 Mark 28 (22HP)

'59 Mark 35A & '60 Merc 400 (35 & 45HP)

'59 Mark 15A in Bimini Blue (15HP)

'59 Mark 15A in White (15HP)

'59 Mark 15A in White (15HP)

'60-62 Mercury Troller-Twins (10-25HP)

'63 Mercury Merc 350 Twin (35HP)

'64 and '65 Mercury Merc 110 Twins (9.8HP)

'65 Merc 110 Twin (9.8HP)

'65 Merc 200 Twin (20HP)

'67 Merc 950 Tower of Power (95HP)

'70 Merc 75 (7.5HP)

My Motor Display
(Shown in Constantine-2011 Meet)

Hoods of my collection of Mercury Automatic Transmission Twins

Hoods of all my collection of Mercury Twins